Business/Service Overview

New Business Creation

As a major player on your team, we will build your new business overseas. We will create a strategy, form business alliances, launch operations and manage the entire process from the first step.


Business Matching

Based on your needs, we will match you with a highly capable business partner to help you expand abroad. This may take the form of an M&A with a local company, a JV with a sales/marketing representative, the determination of an appropriate industrial park for a manufacturing site and so on.


Certification Support

For client companies wishing to enter Islamic markets, we can help obtain Halal certification by providing backup support throughout the entire process. We have the experience in obtaining approvals from Halal Development Institute (HADI), which is approved by MUI, Indonesia’s official certification organization, Indonesia’s MUI, Malaysia’s JAKIM and other major certification organizations.


Areas of Focus

To create effective and high-growth-potential businesses, we bring together innovative, unique Japanese technologies, services and products with the growth markets of VIPs (Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines) and the manufacturing technology hubs of advanced countries (Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong). By preparing each and every element for business expansion, we help execute a successful launch.