For companies wanting to enter into Islamic markets, one of the first hurdles is obtaining Halal certification. Quantum Leaps works in cooperation with HADI, a certification organization that has approval from the widely respected and globally recognized MUI (LIPPO MUI), Indonesia’s only certification organization. We support companies in their efforts to enter into the Japanese domestic Islamic market. (HADI certification standards fully satisfy the standards set by MUI and form the foundation for obtaining overseas certification at a later date.)

We work with our client companies to fulfill the paperwork required for certification. For food-related client companies, we also provide assistance in finding new raw food material sources or changing production processes, when necessary.

For client companies that are moving to enter into overseas markets, we help gain certification in the country of operation. While HADI certification usually means that basic requirements have been fulfilled, we provide assistance so that our client companies can clear individual country requirements, as well.

Beyond certification, we are also able to help build business operations tailored to the country of interest, for example, by selecting appropriate business partners, developing distribution channels for foodstuffs, and launching the operation.

Halal Development Institute (HADI)

The Halal Development Institute (HADI) was established in January 2015 as a Halal certification organization in Japan. The institute seeks to guide Japanese companies in their efforts to provide appropriate products to Muslims.