We will match you with the business partner you need to expand overseas.
To establish overseas operations, we will provide the necessary support to form an M&A, a JV or a contractual arrangement with a local company. Client needs vary depending on level of expansion. Whether it is to build an offshore development site in Vietnam, set up a distributor to market and sell products in Indonesia, or establish a sales company in the Philippines that utilizes know how acquired in Japan, we will match you with the best local partner to meet your needs and support the process until completion.

Past Examples

  1. M&A business alliance

    Arranged an investment alliance between a consumer electronics mass retailer (listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange) and a Vietnamese listed consumer electronics mass retailer for business expansion into Vietnam.

  2. Manufacturing sites

    Worked with an industrial systems development company to create an offshore development facility in Vietnam and selected sales partners.

  3. Expanding sales channels

    A systems development company for the public sector.