New Business Creation

Basic Concept

We play the role of a “professional overseas manager” and hire and train overseas personnel, build the business and create the organizational structure.

Basic Concept

  1. We direct a process that follows a basic path: Creating a strategy → building the operations → finding an alliance partner → launching the business
  2. From step 1, we create and operate a business model anchored in the operations.
  3. Working with key employees and the full participation of our client, companies, we strategize ways to quickly establish a stable operation.

Past Achievements

  1. A confectionary sales and production company with more than 40 shops both within and outside Japan. Reevaluated the company’s domestic and overseas organization and operations, accelerated their overseas business and significantly increased their ratio of overseas sales.
  2. Overseas expansion of a B2B foodstuffs company (Vietnam, South Korea). Utilized the manufacturing know how of a Kansai-based foodstuffs company to create a business model with a local B2C company. Helped establish a manufacturing site in Korea and expand into Vietnam, Korea and other Asian countries.
  3. Green tea business (Vietnam). Harnessed the know how of a 200-year-old green tea distribution company to develop green tea operations in Vietnam. Plans underway to expand operations beyond the Vietnamese market to other countries in Asia, starting with Japan.
  4. Fresh fruit/vegetable export business (Hong Kong). Brought together into an organizational structure a company with fresh produce distribution know how in the Japanese market with a variety of partners capable of forming a distribution system in Hong Kong. Also assisted in capital procurement to promote the business.
  5. Overseas manufacturing and sales operations of a food processing technology company. Assisted a Japanese company that possessed specialized technologies related to food processing, such as refrigeration and freezing technologies, hygiene, energy-saving technologies and others, but was struggling due to price competition and lack of product appeal. Helped them set up local manufacturing and sales operations through an alliance with a local partner.